Medicare Supplement

Medicare SupplementFor years, Golden Plan Choice has been there for all Texans. We are a Texas-based company that looks out for the people of the region and knows what is essential to the residents of the lone star state.We have offices scattered throughout Texas. From Laredo to Houston, we are the Healthcare agency fighting for working-class Americans and helping them get the coverage they need. Our team of experts knows just how to navigate the market to find you the best coverage. We can get you an individualized plan that will cut down on waste and help you stay within your means.

Many agencies that offer their own healthcare coverage will bloviate about how great their insurance plans are. However, we aren’t beholden to just one agency because we are independent brokers. Other agencies will tell you anything without substantiating their claims. When you do business with Golden Plan Choice, we have market analysis and data that back up our research.

We make detailed and thorough searches for you when you contact us about a coverage plan. This means our experts will give you an objective list of the best agencies that fit your particular needs. This zeroed-in philosophy and how we treat our clients is what separates us from the pack.

A Medicare Supplement Has Many Great Benefits!

If you are already on an Original Medicare plan, you could qualify for Medicare Supplement coverage. This type of plan is sometimes referred to as “Medigap” insurance. Sometimes, Medicare won’t cover the costs when you need to pay for a service or prescriptions drugs. Therefore, when someone signs up for Medicare Advantage, this coverage will cover all the gaps when Original Medicare is absent.

A Medicare Supplement plan may help you save tons of cash when it comes to copays. A copayment is a shared cost with the insurance agency you’re under. Original Medicare doesn’t treat copayments the same way as other insurance plans. Instead, you will pay deductibles and coinsurance. These rules and regulations may be hard to follow, but that is why we are here! Our team will help you understand all the nuances about how your plan can help you save on a copayment.

Furthermore, a Medicare Supplement plan may also help you save when it comes to coinsurance. Usually, there is no coinsurance associated with Medicare. However, if you find yourself in the hospital for longer than your Medicare allows for, you might have to cover the costs. This is where Medicare Supplement can be a lifesaver. It could cover you from paying these expensive hospital bills and going into debt!


Traveling Out Of The Country?

A fantastic perk that comes in a Medicare Supplement plan is the coverage you get when traveling outside the U.S. This perk will give you peace of mind when traveling abroad and the coverage you need if anything unexpected should happen. Your emergency care will be covered if you don’t wait longer than 60 days after your arrival!

You Will Never Be Kicked Off

You Will Never Be Kicked Off!

Any Medicare Supplement coverage is guaranteed renewable, so you never have to worry about being dropped from your plan for any reason. As long as you pay your premiums, even if you have severe health conditions, an insurance company will be unable to drop you!

Be Careful About Dropping Your Coverage

Be Careful About Dropping Your Coverage

If you decide you would like to drop your Medicare Supplement plan or switch to another one, be careful! You might have to pay a late enrollment penalty if you sign up for a new one. Therefore, get in touch with one of our expert agents, and they will go over the details of switching your coverage.

Original Medicare

Original Medicare

Call us today if you require help looking for a Medicare plan or would just like assistance figuring your coverage out! Usually, Part A and Part B are covered on Original Medicare. However, so many options and carriers offer different plans that it can be unclear. Golden Plan Choice is here for all your Medicare needs! We know that thinking about your health at your advanced age can be challenging, so let us put your mind at ease!

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage coverage is among the exciting plans we offer at Golden Plan Choice. This type of health insurance gives you the chance to prioritize your fitness. These plans sometimes come with fitness programs and discounts on gym memberships. Also, Part C Medicare is sometimes covered by Medicare Advantage plans, so you get the total package when you sign up for this type of coverage.



If you need assistance navigating the Affordable Care Act or help to figure out what it means for your current plan, give us a call . We are the foremost experts in Texas when it comes to finding people the best plans in the newly created marketplace. Since 2010 when President Obama pushed for this law to be passed, many changes to the legislation have been made. However, Golden Plan Choice has ACA specialists who are up to date on all the new rules and regulations.

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