Medicare Advantage Plans

Choosing a Medicare Advantage plan requires in-depth consideration of the pros and cons. Knowing all the details can be confusing, but the helpful information below will arm you with essential insights and guide you to selecting the best health insurance for your senior years. Medicare Advantage plans are known as private insurers who provide health coverage to Medicare beneficiaries at the government-approved cost.

By signing up for Medicare Advantage, you will get a broad range of coverage. These plans often include multiple benefits, including prescription drug coverage, hospitalization coverage, health and vision care, wellness activities, and more. Because the insurer uses your Social Security income and balance to determine how much you will pay, Medicare Advantage plans are often referred to as “flexible spending” accounts.


What is Medicare Advantage?

Medicare Advantage Plan is an alternative to your Medicare Part A (Hospital Insurance) and Medicare Part B (Medical Insurance). In other words, Medicare Advantage is a bundled plan. This plan is also referred to as Medicare Part C. This bundled plan can include Part A, Part B, and typically Part D, which includes drug coverage.

It is crucial to choose the right Medicare plan because it often affects the services, doctors, and quality of care that is offered to you. It can also affect how much you pay out of pocket. Be sure to learn all you can about your Medicare plans.

Who Qualifies for a Medicare Advantage Plan?

Qualifies for a Medicare Advantage

People who are sixty-five or older or those who receive benefits for Social Security will most likely be approved for Medicare Advantage. However, it is important to check to see if the area you live in is within the service area of your plan.

There are designated service areas that are pre-approved by the state. These areas have contracted healthcare professionals that provide services that align with Medicare Advantage plans. These particular facilities are able to offer the covered services for that plan in the area. It is imperative you sign up for the plan that is approved for that area. Additionally, you must be enrolled in the Original Medicare Part A and B plan.

People who are under the age of sixty-five, but have a disability, can qualify for a Medicare Advantage Plan. Anyone who has End-Stage Renal Disease or ESRD is also able to enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan.

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Medicare benefits

What is Covered?

Many of the Original Medicare benefits are also covered under the Medicare Advantage plan. You can get prescription drug coverage that the Original Medicare plan may not have covered before. Benefits such as routine dental and vision checkups are often covered. There is hearing care and allowance for hearing aids.

Gym memberships and wellness programs such as SilverSneakers are covered. If you require home health care service, Medicare Advantage can provide coverage as well as some home modification. For instance, you can get grab bars in your home bathroom, meal deliveries, and non-emergency transportation.

How Much Does Medicare Advantage Cost?

The costs of Medicare Advantage may vary depending on which plan you choose and what is available in your area. These expenses could include Original Medicare premiums, Medicare Advantage premiums, as well as out-of-pocket costs.

These out-of-pocket costs could include co-payments, coinsurance, and deductibles. While there are many premium plans that do not cost anything, they are not available in all areas. However, fifty-four percent of the plans offered by Medicare Advantage do not require premiums. Therefore, ninety-eight percent of those who have Medicare Advantage that includes drug coverage do not have to pay for a premium.

Medicare Advantage Cost