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Get Incredible Medical Insurance You Need | 79936

With an affordable medical insurance 79936 plan, you can cover your medical care! Golden Plan Choice offers many insurance plans that will provide you with the coverage you need. Our excellent insurance team has extensive knowledge about all kinds of medical insurance plans and health insurance plans in general. You can bet that when it comes to your health care, Golden Plan Choice can get you covered.

medical insurance 79936

Golden Plan Choice is here to help you get covered with medical insurance 79936 before it’s too late. Let us find the best coverage that works for you!

Golden Plan Choice has had many years of experience navigating the healthcare marketplace. We serve communities all over El Paso, TX, both East and West Side as well as Houston and Laredo. We help our clients find affordable medical insurance 79936 plans that can cover their medical expenses. In addition, we also offer tons of health insurance plans, such as:

Moreover, we also help our clients enroll in an Affordable Care Act plan. Also known as Obamacare, the ACA provides affordable health insurance options to people aged 18 and over. For young and older adults, enrolling in an ACA-compliant plan can get you covered. If you are over or close to 65 years old and you haven’t yet been automatically enrolled in Medicare, we can help enroll you as well.

No matter what kind of medical insurance services you need, you can bet that Golden Plan Choice can help. If you are ready, call us today or drop by our office location in east El Paso. We are the health insurance company that works for you!

Discover Medical Insurance 79936 That You Can Trust

Golden Plan Choice works hard to find you the best medical insurance options in the market today. In the past health insurance has always been difficult to access due to its high cost. Health insurance can protect your finances in the event of an unexpected illness or injury. When that leaves you in the hospital bed, you could wind up facing sky-high medical bills – and if you can’t pay, your loved ones will almost certainly be burdened with the cost.

But medical insurance needn’t send you spinning off the financial cliff. There are many affordable options out there, including Medicare, an ACA-compliant plan, and other options such as family insurance.

Whatever medical insurance you’re looking for, Golden Plan Choice can get you the medical insurance you need. So don’t forget to call us today to get started or drop by our office location.

medical insurance 79936

The right kind of coverage matters, no matter how young or old you are. Check out our medical insurance plans today!

What Is Medical Insurance?

Medical insurance ensures that you will be able to cover the costs of your medical care. By paying a monthly fee or premium to your insurance provider, you can avoid paying out-of-pocket when some illness or injury does occur. There are many plans that cover medical costs, but two of the most affordable are undoubtedly an ACA-compliant plan or Medicare.

Medicare is a federal insurance program designed for people over the age of 65. An ACA-compliant plan, by contrast, is for adults older than 18 but younger than 65. Once you turn 65, you are automatically enrolled in Medicare, provided that you or your spouse has been paying Social Security benefits.

If you are not automatically enrolled, however, our Golden Plan Choice team can help you enroll in a Medicare plan. Medicare is divided into three parts: Part A, Part B, and Part D. Part A is Hospital Insurance, Part B is Medical Insurance, and Part D is prescription drug coverage.

Part B covers outpatient stay, services provided by doctors, preventative services, and medical supplies. It is almost always paired with Part A in bundled plans such as Original Medicare and Medicare Advantage. If you need prescription drug coverage, you can buy it separately or get it through a Medigap plan.

If you are younger than 65 years old, you will have to buy a health insurance plan on your own. For affordable options, however, you may be eligible for an ACA-compliant plan. An ACA-compliant plan cannot deny you insurance coverage if you have a pre-existing condition. With an ACA plan, you can get certain services for free, such as colonoscopies, cholesterol and blood pressure checks, birth control, routine vaccinations, and others.

Moreover, under the ACA, every healthcare plan must include coverage for hospitalization, ambulatory services, maternity and newborn care, and more. Prescription drugs, lab tests, mental health disorders, and substance abuse treatment are also covered.

Open enrollment for an ACA-compliant plan differs from state to state, but it typically begins in December and rolls over to January next year. However, if you do miss this period, you may be able to enroll in a special enrollment period. You are eligible to enroll during this period if you have experienced a qualifying life event such as a change in marital status or loss of healthcare coverage.

medical insurance 79936

Give us a call today to further discuss your options. We have medical insurance plans that could be just right for you and your family!

Get Your Medical Insurance Plans Today!

Golden Plan Choice has many medical insurance plans that could be right for you. In addition, we offer tons of other health insurance plans as well, such as individual insurance, life insurance, and more. Our team works hard to find you personalized medical insurance that can cover all of your health expenses.

When it comes to amazing medical insurance plans, few companies can beat what Golden Plan Choice has to offer. We work closely with our clients to ensure that the medical insurance plan in question can indeed cover your care. Not every individual or family is the same, so your medical insurance coverage will be slightly different.

No matter what your financial or health situation is, you can rest assured that Golden Plan Choice can help you out. You can call our team today to get started or simply drop by. You can rest assured that our medical insurance 79936 plans will provide you with the coverage you need.

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