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medical insurance 79912

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping you find the perfect health insurance plan.

For the medical insurance 79912 you’re looking for, contact Golden Plan Choice today! We help our clients find the right insurance for them and their families. Golden Plan Choice’s team of insurance agents has many years of experience navigating the health insurance marketplace. You can rest assured that we can find you the health insurance plans that can give you access to the care you need.

Health insurance is one of the smartest investments you can ever make when safeguarding your finances. Health care is expensive, so when you get saddled with an unexpected illness or injury, the medical bill can be catastrophic to your savings. And if you can’t pay, your family will have to shoulder the burden of your health care finances.

And of course, when it comes to medical care, medical insurance is requisite. Medical insurance covers outpatient care, services provided by doctors, and even preventative services and medical supplies. So if you find yourself languishing in a hospital bed faced with sky-high medical bills, your medical insurance plan will be able to help.

Fortunately, Golden Plan Choice is here to help. We can help you get the medical insurance 79912 you need. Conversely, we can help you switch to a healthcare plan that provides you with the necessary coverage without being too expensive. So go ahead and call us today to switch to a medical insurance plan that is right for you.

Find the Exceptional Medical Insurance 79912 You Can Rely On

Golden Plan Choice has been serving communities all over El Paso, TX. In addition, we have office locations not only in El Paso but in Laredo and Houston. Our team is experienced and knowledgeable about all kinds of health insurance plans, including medical insurance.

As beneficial as medical insurance is, it is also quite expensive. In the past, many lower-income people lived without any kind of health insurance as they were unable to afford it. Moreover, people with chronic illnesses and pre-existing conditions have been refused insurance by providers. Matters have improved, however, with the passing of the Affordable Care Act of 2009.

Under the ACA, it is now illegal to deny people with chronic and pre-existing conditions health insurance. In addition, the ACA covers a whole boatload of health care. The following services are now covered under the ACA:

  • Hospitalization
  • Ambulatory services
  • Emergency services
  • Maternity and newborn care
  • And so much more.

The ACA also requires that health insurance make certain services free. These include birth control, routine vaccinations, colonoscopies, cholesterol and blood pressure checks, and more. The ACA has also expanded screenings and preventative care and has allowed young adults under the age of 26 to stay on their parents’ health care plan.

At Golden Plan Choice, you can get coverage for your medical care through an ACA-compliant plan. Open enrollment in the ACA is limited to a certain period, usually around December and ending in January next year. But even if you miss the open enrollment period, you can still enroll in the special enrollment period provided that you meet certain criteria. You must, in short, have experienced a significant life event, lost your previous coverage, or have experienced a change in your marital status or in your address.

medical insurance 79912

Are you trying to find medical insurance 79912? Golden Plan Choice can help you!

Explore Our Other Plans

If you are not eligible for an ACA-compliant plan, no worries. There are many medical insurance plans out there that will cover your medical care. For example, if you are over the age of 65, you may have been automatically enrolled in Medicare. If not, then Golden Plan Choice can help you enroll in Medicare today.

Medicare is a federal government program for seniors over the age of 65. Medicare is divided into three parts: Parts A, B, and D. Medicare Part A is also known as Hospital Insurance; Medicare Part B, also known as Medical Insurance, covers outpatient care. Finally, Part D is dedicated solely to prescription drugs.

Getting Medicare Part B can cover all of your medical care, including preventative services and medical supplies. Medicare Part B is available in three bundled plans as well: Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Supplement. Original Medicare comprises both Part A and Part B, with Part D as an option.

Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C, includes Parts A, B, and D. Moreover, Medicare Advantage can cover routine dental and vision checkups, as well as hearing care. Medicare Advantage also covers preventative services such as gym memberships and wellness programs. And if you are having trouble moving around in your house, it also covers home modification as well, which includes grab bars, non-emergency transportation, and meal deliveries.

Medicare Supplement, on the other hand, serves to cover all the gaps in Original Medicare. Medicare Supplement is a guaranteed renewable plan. This means that your insurance company will be unable to drop you so long as you continue to pay your premiums.

Apart from Medicare, you can also have access to medical care through individual and family insurance policies. For more information about Medicare, other types of insurance, and medical insurance in general, feel free to call us today.

medical insurance 79912

Golden Plan can go over every plan that may suit you best. Be sure to ask any questions you may have so you know exactly what you are getting.

Golden Plan Choice Is Here To Help

Medical care is indeed expensive, and your current plan may not be sufficient to cover all the costs. If so, we can enroll you in a personalized plan that fits within your budget and will provide the coverage you need. Golden Plan Choice has the expertise of most medical insurance plans and thus can help you out.

We can enroll you in whatever plan is right for you. We offer individual and family insurance, as well as life insurance, group insurance, final expense insurance, and even dental and vision. Moreover, we can help enroll you in an ACA-compliant plan if you are eligible; and of course, if you haven’t yet been enrolled in Medicare, we can guide you through Medicare enrollment as well.

So what are you waiting for? Call the stellar team at Golden Plan Choice today! We’ll be thrilled to provide you with the medical insurance 79912 you are looking for.

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