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We Have Superior and Affordable Medical Insurance | 77011

Golden Plan Choice is committed to helping you find the most suitable form of medical insurance 77011 you need. Medical debt can be a burden, but our company aims to ease that burden with the many coverage plans we offer. Selecting one of the health insurance plans will help you tremendously if you ever find yourself experiencing a health emergency.

Health insurance with Golden Plan Choice offers many benefits for its holder, such as free preventative care like vaccines and screenings. Our insurance includes individual and family insurance alongside other types of health coverage. If you have an interest in learning more about the insurance plans we offer, do not hesitate to call us with your questions!

medical insurance 77011

We offer the best agents who will stop at nothing to help you get the health coverage you need!

Types of Medical Insurance 77011

With the cost of health services on the rise in America, having a good healthcare insurance policy is extremely important. Golden Plan Choice doesn’t want you to worry about a surprise health emergency or any medical bills that put you in a financial hole. We urge you to check out our plans and find what’s right for you.

Like most insurance plans, our health insurance requires monthly premium payments in exchange for coverage of bills when it matters. Depending on your selected plan, the bill coverage could be partial or full. Premium costs are decided using several factors such as age, location, and health habits.

There are two basic types of health insurance plans called Mediclaim plans and critical illness insurance plans. Mediclaim plans protect you against hospital costs from an illness or injury. Critical illness plans differ from Mediclaim and instead cover medical bill costs associated with significant health emergencies such as heart attacks.

Figuring out which type of plan is right for you can be a tough venture. However, the experts here at Golden Plan Choice is available to guide you. With over 15 years of experience in the health insurance field, we assure you that you’re in good hands!

Individual Health Insurance

Those who are self-employed will find that individual insurance is the best choice for them when it comes to finding the best insurance plan. Certain businesses in the Greater Houston area cannot provide health insurance plans for their employees. They also might have plans that don’t fully meet the needs of their employees. In situations like this, Golden Plan Choice offers individual medical insurance 77011 for those in need.

For those whose jobs don’t offer health insurance plans, our company provides individual insurance. Additionally, for those who don’t qualify for government programs such as Medicare, Medicaid, or CHIP, individual insurance is an option. While the costs of government or employer-sponsored plans depend not only on you, an affordable individual plan is possible.

Our insurance experts are happy to help you find the affordable coverage you need. We understand that everyone’s situation is different and can walk you through choosing the best individual health insurance for you. Contact us if you believe you are ready to align with us, and enroll now!

medical insurance 77011

Every member of your family should have medical insurance 77011. Let us help you with your policy!

Family Insurance

You can liken family insurance to individual insurance if you see each additional family member as a dependent on your policy. Golden Plan Choice tailors each policy to cater to you and your family’s specific history and needs. Working with our insurance agents will ensure that you get the best coverage.

The number of members in your family plays a significant role in determining the type of health coverage you should get. It also determines the premium cost and deductible limit. It is commonly assumed that a policy with a lower premium and higher deductible is more beneficial. However, that isn’t always the best option for insurance costs.

The higher your deductible, the more you pay out of pocket before the insurance policy takes over the rest. While a higher premium means higher monthly payments, you will save money in the long run because your insurance provider will always cover the financial burden. With a family of four or more people, health insurance is expected to be more costly. However, it is possible that the cost per person will be less expensive.

Once again, your family’s health history is vital to determine the specific costs per person. Shopping for family insurance plans can be overwhelming due to various choices, but we are here to help! If you believe you are ready to discuss our options, contact our team today and schedule an appointment with our staff.

Additional Health Services

Golden Plan Choice offers great health services in addition to our health insurance plans. These additional health services include:

medical insurance 77011

Feel free to check out the additional health services we have at Golden Plan Choice.

  • Medicare Advantage– A bundled plan of Hospital Insurance and Medical Insurance. Those over 65 are likely to be approved for this service.
  • Medicare Supplement– This plan, also known as “MediGap” insurance, covers any gap that Original Medicare might leave open.
  • Affordable Care Act– Nicknamed “Obamacare,” this is usually seen as a health insurance alternative for anyone under the age of 65.
  • Group Insurance– A health insurance plan that provides coverage to a group of members. These members are commonly comprised of company employees or members of an organization.
  • Life Insurance/Final Expense– Golden Plan Choice’s life insurance plan ensures the stability of your loved one’s future once you are no longer around to support them.
  • Dental & Vision– Dental and vision are not always included in health insurance plans. We offer separate plans for any customers in need of these services.

Our goal here at Golden Plan Choice is to provide stable and dependable coverage to all our customers. No matter your circumstance, we want to help you find optimal coverage. Unplanned medical visits can happen at any time and we want you to be prepared. If you are in Houston and need medical insurance 77011, look no further than Golden Plan Choice!

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