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Laredo TX Obamacare

If you are looking for Laredo, TX Obamacare,  Golden Plan Choice has just what you are looking for. The Affordable Care Act is has also been coined Obamacare. It is a health care policy to help people whose incomes are 100% to 400% below the federal poverty line.

However, even if your income is above the federal poverty line, you may still qualify. Golden Plan Choice can help you choose the right plan for you, whether it is individual or family insurance. Our licensed insurance agent can answer all your questions about health insurance in Texas.

Texas residents looking for a health insurance plan will have access to all the health plans we offer in that area. Laredo, TX Obamacare is one of the many health insurance programs we offer. Give us a call, or go online and visit our website for a full list of options we offer.

Laredo, TX Obamacare

Laredo, TX Obamacare has helped millions of people across the nation get the coverage they need.

Laredo, TX Obamacare

The Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare, came into law in 2010. The act was created to make health insurance more affordable for people. There were major changes created to allow for people with pre-existing conditions to still get health insurance.

This act also expanded the eligibility for Medicaid. There are more options than ever to choose from with the ACA. Over 9.7 million people are currently receiving benefits provided by the ACA.

With the ACA, there is a wider range of allowance for people to use for healthcare. One of the great benefits of the Affordable Care Act is premium subsidies.

Subsidies are tax credits that equalize how much a policyholder would pay out of pocket. Premium subsidies are only available for insurance that you purchase within your marketplace. In other words, your marketplace is the region you reside in.

If you purchase outside of your region, you won’t be able to use the subsidies and will have to pay out of your own pocket. Subsidies are based on your income, immigration status, age, and the possible coverage you may qualify for with either your employer (if applicable) or the government.

For instance, you may not qualify if your employer has “affordable” coverage available. Moreover, those who are eligible for Medicaid and premium-free Medicare Part A, as well as other government programs, illegal immigrants, and those who are incarcerated, unfortunately, do not qualify.

If you have questions about whether you qualify for Obamacare, call us at Golden Plan Choice. We are delighted to help discus and concerns or questions you may have.

How to sign up for Obamacare

To sign up for Obamacare, you can speak with one of Golden Plan Choice’s insurance representatives. They can help you figure out what is available in your specific region. Our representatives will also be able to help you figure out what benefits you can qualify for.

They will ask you a series of questions based on your income, what other government programs you are qualified for, and more. They have all the necessary education and training to help you get exactly what you are looking for. If you find that you do not qualify for Obamacare, there is no need to worry.

Golden Plan Choice knows just what to do to make sure you have adequate coverage that is affordable. Our agents have an extended amount of knowledge in this field. Therefore, they know just how to help you get health coverage and answer any questions you may have.

The Pros and Cons of Obama Care

Laredo, TX Obamacare

Insurance plans can be confusing and may not be right for everyone. Call us, and we can help you find the coverage you need.

There are a lot of benefits to getting Obamacare. This act has helped millions of Americans get better quality of health due to this piece of legislation. However, like many things, Obamacare may not be the right coverage for everyone.

At Golden Plan Choice, we don’t just want to sell health coverage. We want to make sure you and your family get the coverage that is right and at a price that is affordable. Health coverage does not do anyone any good if it does not fit your needs and your income. Therefore, we take the extra steps to make sure you know what benefits you have and how you can use them.


As we have stated, there are many benefits to Obamacare. For instance, Obamacare has made Medicaid more widely available to more people. There used to be restrictions for those who have pre-existing conditions.

However, Obamacare has gotten rid of that restriction. This allows for those with illnesses such as cancer to afford the treatments they need. Obamacare is affordable for those who are under the Federal Poverty Line.

Part of the problem with health care is that it is extremely expensive. More so, insurance can be extremely expensive. However, Obamacare has made health insurance more affordable than ever for those who are struggling financially.

Many people have benefited from fee exemptions and low out-of-pocket costs. If you make a mistake on your insurance form or get a life-threatening disease, your insurance won’t deny you coverage, nor will your costs go up. You will not be discriminated against by your gender, and you will have the right to a fast appeal if something changes that ends up costing you more money.


There are both pros and cons to just about anything in life. Obamacare is no different. While Obamacare has helped millions, there are many that Obamacare may not be the best option. For instance, if you are considered to be a high earner, you may end up paying more in healthcare.

There are new taxes, hikes, breaks, and other changes that could affect people who make over $200,000 or more. Additionally, if you are a large business, the taxes and fees could affect you and your employees as well. For those that can afford health coverage either have to pay for coverage or pay a fee as a penalty.

This requires additional filling come tax season. Those who are just over the poverty line may experience the hardest hit as they may not qualify for assistance. Because more people than ever are being covered, insurance companies have had to increase everyone’s costs for their plan.

Plus, there is a specific time period that your can sign up for health coverage. If you miss that window, there is a special extended window. However, there are restrictions as to who can use the extended window.

If you are looking to sign up for Laredo, TX Obamacare, or need more information, give us a call at Golden Plan Choice.

Laredo, TX Obamacare

Our agents are here to help you find the right coverage for you and your family.

Fun Facts Laredo, TX

  • Laredo has some of the oldest crossroads interesting along the border
  • The name was in honor of Saint Augustine of Hippo
  • It was founded in 1775