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Affordable Individual Health Insurance Plans | Laredo, TX

Laredo, TX individual health insurance plans

Contact Golden Plan Choice to learn about Laredo, TX individual health insurance plans.

Paying out-of-pocket for medical procedures and health expenses can quickly wipe out your bank account, but you can mitigate that issue by looking for Laredo, TX individual health insurance plans. There are many reasons to consider getting an individual health insurance plan.

For example, you may be a young adult who has recently reached the age limit for staying on family insurance plans offered by a parent’s employer. You may also work for a small business that cannot afford to pay for team members’ medical benefits. No matter the reason, Golden Plan Choice is here to help.

Golden Plan Choice will help you navigate the expansive world of insurance plans. Our expert team members can teach you about Medicare options, including Medicare Advantage plans. They can also use their knowledge of the healthcare market and Obamacare coverage to help you find a plan that works for you. Our experts constantly study and monitor the industry for new regulations and laws that can affect your coverage to keep you informed.

Even if you already have existing health coverage, we can help you understand it better and fully utilize it. Call us today to learn how Golden Plan Choice can help decode the complex nature of healthcare options for you.

Who Needs Laredo, TX Individual Health Insurance Plans?

Living expenses are rising daily, and medical coverage prices are soaring higher and higher. A brief moment is all it takes for an incident to put you in the hospital and subsequently drain all of your funds. We all do our best to plan for the unexpected, but it’s impossible to predict the future. If a major life event happened to you tomorrow, would you be able to afford a sudden influx of medical expenses?

Insurance can ease some of your fears about the uncertainties of the future. Knowing that medical coverage can help soften the blow of large hospital bills is a relief. However, finding the right insurance plan to fit your lifestyle can be challenging.

If you don’t qualify for health insurance from your employer, then an individual health insurance plan might be the best solution for you. Laredo, TX individual health insurance plans are great for people who fall into one or more of the categories below:

  • Self-employed individual
  • Small business employee
  • Those who retire prior to Medicare eligibility age (65 years old)
Laredo, TX individual health insurance plans

An individual plan may suit your healthcare needs best.

Reasons for Choosing Individual Insurance Plans

Some people who qualify for health insurance their employer provides may instead opt for individual health insurance. The health benefits offered by their employers may not be adequate for their needs or might be too pricey for what they actually provide. The monthly premium cost is just one factor that will affect which plan you choose.

Golden Plan Choice has extensive knowledge regarding the healthcare market and will help you find a company that offers competitive rates. We want you to find a realistic solution for your healthcare needs that will support you when you need it and refrain from hurting your bank account.

We know that looking for a suitable health plan can be a stressful experience. Contact us today so Golden Plan Choice can make your search easier. We have multiple offices around Texas in El Paso, Houston, and Laredo, where you can speak to us in person to discuss your healthcare needs. For over 15 years, we’ve provided customers with answers to their toughest insurance coverage questions, and we hope to help you with your coverage needs as well.

Obamacare and You

With the advent of President Obama’s Affordable Care Act in 2009, the landscape of America’s medical coverage changed forever. Reforms overhauled the insurance system to lower the cost of healthcare plans for everyone. This made coverage more accessible and allowed people who previously couldn’t fit insurance into their budget to finally afford it.

Most people have heard the term “Obamacare,” but some people aren’t aware of all the benefits it has brought. As mentioned previously, one of the most significant changes is the higher amount of citizens with coverage. Thanks to the ACA, young adults can stay on their parents’ medical insurance until they reach age 26. Special request forms can raise this age limit even higher for specific situations.

Not only is coverage more affordable for the average person, but people with pre-existing conditions can no longer be denied coverage. For example, cancer patients had more trouble obtaining health insurance than healthy citizens. Many insurance companies outright refused to offer healthcare options for these people in the past. However, the ACA’s changes mean that companies are no longer allowed to do this, meaning that a known health issue won’t stop you from getting insurance anymore.

Laredo, TX individual health insurance plans

Our insurance experts can teach about the ACA.

Additional Benefits from Obamacare

Another great feature of Obamacare is the removal of preset dollar limits on health coverage. People who suffer from chronic health problems often ran the risk of running out of insurance coverage in the past because of these spending limits. These problems are a thing of the past now that Obamacare has been put in place.

Obamacare also increases the availability of certain health screenings and preventative care options. Even though some screenings were covered under original insurance plans, they are now usually offered with a low copay or deductibles.

Specific healthcare services, such as cholesterol and blood pressure checks, birth control, routine vaccinations, and many other vital services, are now offered free of charge. Healthcare plans must also include coverage for the following:

  • Ambulatory and emergency services
  • Hospitalization
  • Maternity and newborn care
  • Prescription drugs
  • Lab tests

Talk to Golden Plan Choice today to see if a health insurance plan from the ACA marketplace is right for you. We can help you prepare to sign up during the annual open enrollment period or see if you qualify for the special enrollment period. Contact us if you’d like to discuss your options for securing health coverage. Golden Plan Choice will help you find the right Laredo, TX individual health insurance plans.

Fun Facts for Laredo, TX:

  • The historic landmark of Casa Ortiz is rumored to have gold buried on the premises.
  • The city was once known as the Republic of the Rio Grande.
  • Laredo has an immersive digital planetarium named Lamar Bruni Vergara Planetarium.