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Katy TX Vision Insurance

When you purchase Katy TX vision insurance you are investing in your health. If you want to live a long and healthy life, you want to make sure you see the necessary medical professional for in-depth examinations. While you may not feel sick or have physical health problems, that does not mean there are no underlying health concerns that could go undetected by the untrained eye.

Your eyes can play a crucial part in showing signs of other health problems. However, sometimes we can’t see these issues until we go to a medical professional. For instance, we may not realize we are showing signs of issues such as glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, and even eye cancer. However, if you go to the optometrist, they may be able to find something through your yearly examinations that can help us catch these signs early.

For many, paying for examinations at the optometrist is difficult. Many people have tight budgets and do not have the ability to save for these examinations. However, with Katy TX vision insurance, going to the eye doctor can be much more affordable. Moreover, vision insurance is more affordable than people think.

When you contact Golden Plan Choice in Houston, TX we can help you find a vision insurance plan that will fit your budget, provide coverage for yearly visits, and even help pay for glasses and contacts.

Katy TX vision insurance

With Katy TX vision insurance your eye health will be more affordable and easier to maintain.

Katy TX Vision Insurance

Vision insurance is a type of insurance that covers the cost of eyeglasses, contact lenses, and other vision-related services such as corrective laser surgery. However, if laser surgery is covered, it usually is at a reduced rate.

When you have vision coverage, you pay a reduced amount for eye exams and corrective lenses. Most of the time, your eye doctor visit will be covered at 100 percent or have a small copay. However, it can vary from plan to plan. Usually, your corrective lenses will have a copay or a maximum allotted amount per year.

If your plan allows for a specific amount, you can only purchase eyewear that falls under that amount. Otherwise, you would have to pay if the eyewear exceeds that amount.

For example, say your insurance covers eyeglass frames up to $130, and you found frames that cost $190. You would only have to pay the additional $30. Services, such as eye surgery or treatment for eye diseases, are typically covered at a decreased rate.

Vision insurance is not mandatory for medical care and can be included in your medical insurance policy or as a stand-alone policy. In other words, you can get vision insurance without having to purchase a medical insurance policy. These policies are generally at low cost and can make getting vision health care and corrective lenses much more affordable.

Katy TX vision insurance

Just because your vision does not fall under the medical category does not make it any less important.

Taking Care of Your Vision Is Just As Important

Maintaining your eye health is equally as important as the rest of your health. Your eyes can sometimes show symptoms of other health problems. Not to mention, no one likes walking around with blurry vision.

When you have vision insurance, going to see the optometrist is much easier. You can catch potential problems early and get advice on how to keep your eyes healthy.

Did you know that sixteen million Americans walk around with undiagnosed or uncorrected refractive errors? That is an astounding number of people walking around that don’t realize they could be seeing better. Two-thirds of Americans who are over the age of eighteen are reported wearing glasses and/0r contacts.

With vision insurance, it is so much easier to pay for checkups. For example, without health insurance, you could be paying up to $181 on your own. Glasses can cost around $300 or more, depending on what you need. That does not include special lenses that block harmful light from the sun, computer screens, and even transitions lenses. You could be paying around $650 or more without insurance.

With insurance, you might pay a $15 co-pay for your annual eye exam. Monthly co-pays can be as little as $15 a month. Prescription glasses can be as low as $25 dollars. Annual, including your co-pay, you could be spending maybe two to three hundred dollars a year.


Vision insurance does have its restrictions. For instance, vision insurance most likely won’t pay for lens enhancements. Most people must pay for those on their own. These can be costly. However, the amount of money you could save with insurance can help you afford those lens enhancements that could save your eyesight.

Many insurance plans will only pay for lenses and frames once or twice a year. Most plans cover one pair of glasses once every twenty-four months. There are some that offer coverage for glasses that were broken or stolen. However, not all plans have this coverage. If you think you might need this type of coverage, be sure to speak with a representative at Golden Plan Choice.

Another restriction might be that your plan might only cover glasses or contacts, but not both. It is important you speak with your eye doctor to determine what would be best for you to wear. Be sure to speak with your doctor about what would be best for you to wear. Not everyone is suitable for contacts. However, there are upgraded plans that do offer both. It all just depends on what plan you choose to go with.

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Overall, vision insurance plays a key role in helping people maintain their eye health. Without insurance, people would not be able to afford the corrective lenses, pay for exams, and catch serious problems such as cancer, cataracts, and other eye health problems.

Many of us take our vision for granted, but we can start caring for it more by getting an insurance plan that makes it more affordable. Vision insurance is available for both individuals as well as families. Medicare even has vision and dental plans. Call us today to get your Katy TX vision insurance.

Katy TX vision insurance

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Fun Facts about Katy TX: 

  • It is thirty minutes away from Houston.
  • It was once called Cane Island.
  • There was lots of rice farming there.