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Save Big On Your Health Insurance Cost | Houston, TX

Houston TX health insurance cost

Contact Golden Plan Choice to learn about Houston, TX health insurance cost.

When your Houston, TX health insurance cost is getting a little too high for comfort, consider switching to another health plan with the help of Golden Plan Choice! Our insurance agents can help find you health insurance plans that can make it easier on your time and wallet. We have many years of experience in navigating the health insurance marketplace; we can help you find incredible deals that can help you get the coverage you need.

Golden Plan Choice helps Texas residents get the health insurance coverage they need. We have office locations in not only Houston, TX, but also Laredo and El Paso as well. We help find you health care plans with low monthly premiums and that can cover major medical expenses and other health care needs.

In addition, we can also help with open enrollment in an ACA-compliant plan with a low Houston, TX health insurance cost. The possibilities are endless, so contact us today. With us, you can be sure to get the cheapest health insurance in Texas!

Lower Your Houston, TX Health Insurance Cost With Our Help

With medical expenses and prescription drug costs constantly rising, it can be difficult to find a plan with low monthly costs and that can give you the health benefits you need. For a long time, getting affordable health insurance was supremely difficult; insurance companies can always raise monthly premiums willy-nilly and of course they could deny people with pre-existing conditions such as cancer coverage.

Things have improved, however, with the passing of the Affordable Care Act. The ACA managed to lower health insurance costs across board, expanded screenings and preventative care, and has created a whole new marketplace for people under the age of 65 to cover their health care needs.

Under the ACA, insurance companies cannot deny people with pre-existing conditions the health care coverage they need. Plus, young adults under the age of 26 can stay on their parents’ health care plans. The ACA decrees that certain health care services be free, which includes:

  • Colonoscopies
  • Cholesterol and blood pressure checks
  • Birth control
  • Routine vaccinations
  • And more.

If you are eligible for an ACA-compliant plan, we can help you enroll during the open enrollment period, which usually begins near the end of the year and rolls over into the next. There are plenty of insurance plans in Texas that could provide you with the coverage you need, so contact Golden Plan Choice today to get started.

Houston TX health insurance cost

Golden Plan Choice is here for you to help you get the medical care you deserve. Save on your health insurance cost today!

Explore Our Insurance Options

At Golden Plan Choice, we offer help with many types of health insurance plans. These include individual, family, and group insurance, as well as life insurance, funeral insurance, and dental and vision insurance. We also help our clients enroll in Medicare if they are eligible for it and aren’t automatically enrolled once they turn 65.

Individual insurance is good for those whose employer doesn’t offer health insurance, or simply those who are self-employed or retire before they become eligible for Medicare. And of course, there are people who are eligible for employer health insurance who prefer to choose an individual insurance plan.

Family insurance works a lot like individual insurance except with each family member as a dependent. Depending on the number of people in your household, your policy’s coverage, premium, and deductible will be different. And of course, how much you will pay for each individual will depend on the health of that individual in question.

If, however, you are an employer thinking about getting health insurance for your employees, then consider a group insurance plan. With group insurance, your employers can benefit from low monthly costs, provided that you can get 70% participation in the plan.

Dental & Vision

If you are keen about getting coverage for only certain kinds of health care, then you may consider dental and vision insurance. Dental plans cover either preventative, basic, and major procedures.

Preventative procedures include X-rays, exams, and regular dental cleanings and are covered by most health insurers. However, basic and major procedures do require some out-of-pocket contributions as they can include tooth fillings, extractions, and emergency care. Insurers tend to pay 50% to 80% of the costs, depending.

Vision health plans, naturally, cover glasses or contacts. Our Golden Plan Choice vision health plans can help pay for the lenses, frames, and more. You will also wish to have eye checkups to identify any macular degeneration, cataracts, and other health problems.


If you or your spouse have been paying Social Security taxes, then you should be automatically enrolled in Medicare once you turn 65. However, Golden Plan Choice can also help you enroll in a Medicare plan, as well as switch out of your current Medicare plan and into a better one.

Medicare has three parts: Part A, Part B, and Part D. Part A covers inpatient care and hospice care while Part B covers medical services provided by doctors. Part D, however, is dedicated only to prescription drug costs. Depending on the drugs in question, Part D may only cover only some of the costs. However, any shots and vaccines recommended by your healthcare professional tend to be covered.

Parts A and B together are known as Original Medicare. Other bundled plans include Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement. For more information about the different types of Medicare plans, as well as Medicare in general, contact Golden Plan Choice today.

Houston TX health insurance cost

We’ll help you crunch the numbers and save big on your health insurance cost!

Golden Plan Choice Is Here To Help You With Your Health Insurance Cost

No matter what kind of insurance you need, Golden Plan Choice is here to help. Our insurance team have many years of experience with finding our clients the health insurance they need without having to break the bank.

For both long and short-term health insurance, as well as individual and family insurance, we can provide you with the tools for you to make smart, informed choices on your health care. So don’t hesitate and give us a call to lower your Houston, TX health insurance cost!

Fun Facts About Houston, TX:

  • Houston’s nicknames include Space City and H-Town.
  • It was founded in 1836 by the Allen brothers.
  • Houston is home to the largest medical center in the world.