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Learn About Affordable Medigap Plans | El Paso, TX

If your Medicare coverage isn’t supporting you enough, you may need to research El Paso, TX Medigap plans. Medicare supplement plans, or “Medigap” insurance, can help pay for certain medications or procedures that regular Medicare doesn’t cover. Make sure all of your health needs are addressed by calling us at Golden Plan Choice today to learn about which types of insurance coverage are best for you. Team members at both our El Paso East location and El Paso West location are standing by to help you.

El Paso, TX Medigap plans

Golden Plan Choice will help explain your Medicare options.

What is Medicare?

Before we discuss Medigap coverage and its importance, let’s talk about Medicare and what exactly it entails.

Medicare is a special federal health insurance program for people aged 65 and older. The program is also available to younger people who meet specific medical criteria and people with End-Stage Renal Disease and other disabilities, even if they are under age 65.

Coverage from Medicare can get a little confusing when you realize that it is split into several different parts: Part A, Part B, and Part D. Medicare doesn’t function like a typical health insurance plan, meaning that each of these parts covers specific services. Therefore, knowing which ones you need for your care is essential so you’re not missing out on vital services. Our team at Golden Plan Choice is happy to answer all of your questions, but below, you can find a brief summary of each part.

El Paso, TX Medigap plans

We’ll help you understand each part of Medicare to get you ready for open enrollment periods.

Medicare Part A

Part A is also known as Hospital Insurance. Though it covers some healthcare services, it is mainly known for covering inpatient hospital stays, hospice care, and other related services. Part A can also help reduce costs for patients needing care from skilled nursing facilities.

Some Part A plan holders don’t have to pay a monthly premium on their care. This “premium-free Part A” is available if you or your spouse paid Medicare taxes while working during a specific period. You can still pay for Part A even if you don’t qualify for the free premium.

Medicare Part B

Part B is relatively similar to standard medical insurance. It covers certain medical services provided by your doctor, outpatient care, and some preventative services. Patients who require medical supplies, such as C-PAP machines, will have some of their costs covered by Part B.

Anyone who wants Medicare Part B coverage must pay a premium, regardless of their situation. Parts A and B are typically included together in “Original Medicare.”

Medicare Part D

Part D is responsible for covering the cost of your prescription medications. However, some drugs may not be entirely covered by Part D, depending on their price and the type of plan you have. Thankfully, Part D can still make them more affordable. If your physician recommends shots or vaccines for you, they may also be covered.

Part D is usually available to Original Medicare insurance holders as an additional, separate plan. It can also be bundled with Parts A and B through Medicare Advantage.

Where is Part C?

Medicare Advantage is also known as Medicare Part C. It serves as an alternative to Part B and can be purchased from private insurance companies. This means you won’t be automatically signed up for it and must do so yourself if you want this coverage.

El Paso, TX Medigap plans

Consider your prescription costs when choosing from Medicare or El Paso, TX Medigap plans.

What Can El Paso, TX Medigap Plans Cover?

Any medications or services not fully covered by Medicare Part D can be taken care of using Medigap plans. These supplemental plans can also save you a lot of money regarding copays. Golden Plan Choice can help you learn more about how Original Medicare handles deductibles and coinsurance, so contact us if you want to learn more.

Those requiring extended hospital stays might find themselves paying for some of the costs if their stay exceeds Medicare’s limit. Emergency services and hospitalization are not cheap, so this price can add up very quickly. A Medicare Supplement plan can kick in to help you cover these potentially enormous hospital bills and may even prevent you from falling into debt!

Extra Benefits of Medigap Plans

One of the unique benefits of El Paso, TX Medigap plans is coverage for international travelers. If you travel abroad and something unexpected happens, your insurance will cover your emergency care. All you need to do is seek care no longer than 60 days after you arrive in your destination country. This can add peace of mind for frequent travelers.

Medicare Supplement plans are also guaranteed to be renewable. This means you don’t have to worry about your insurance dropping you for any reason. Even if you develop severe or chronic health conditions, you won’t lose your coverage as long as you continue to pay your premiums.

Please keep in mind that if you ever decide to drop your Medigap plan or switch to a new one, you might have to pay a late enrollment penalty before you’re allowed to sign up for the new one. Be sure to speak to our friendly team of insurance experts at Golden Plan Choice before you switch coverage. They can let you know if any applicable fees will arise from the change.

Why Golden Plan Choice is Great For You

Our Texas-based, family-operated company has your best interests at heart. We are independent insurance brokers that don’t belong to any agency. This means you can count on us to give you only the hard, straight facts regarding insurance plan prices. We use market analysis and data to find the best prices and plans for our clients.

When you contact us for health insurance recommendations, we’ll work with you to find the best type of insurance coverage for your health needs. Count on Golden Plan Choice to find El Paso, TX Medigap plans you can afford.

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