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The Rules of Medicare Open Enrollment | Eastside El Paso, TX

Eastside El Paso, TX Medicare Open Enrollment only comes around once a year, so don’t miss the timing with the team’s help at Golden Plan Choice. Medicare is a government-based health insurance program for citizens 65 years and older and young citizens with specific disabilities. It is administered by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

Eastside El Paso TX Medicare Open Enrollment

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For most American citizens, you can select your plan a few months when you turn 65 and update or change your plan as necessary every year during the Open Enrollment period. Medicare is different from private insurance policies. The program doesn’t offer couple or family insurance, so you don’t have to choose the same plan as your spouse. There are four parts to Medicare plans, each of which encompasses its own type of coverage.

Whether you’re enrolling in Medicare for the first time or want to update your current plan, the system can be confusing. However, you can contact an insurance agent from Golden Plan Choice for help. Their expertise in the Medicare system can guide you through the enrollment process and help you manage your health insurance plan.

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Eastside El Paso, TX Medicare Open Enrollment Period

Life changes, and things happen, even as we grow older. Even after you select a Medicare plan that seems like the best fit at the time, you may decide that you need more or less coverage. However, you won’t be stuck with the same plan for the rest of your time with the Medicare program. Medicare has an annual Open Enrollment period, the only time you can update or change your current health insurance plan every year.

It typically starts on October 15 and ends on December 7 every year. If you’re already enrolled in a Medicare plan, you can make changes to your coverage during this time. This includes making changes to your Medicare Advantage or Part D prescription drug plan. You can also use this time to switch from an Original Medicare plan to a Medicare Advantage plan or vice versa.

For most, the Open Enrollment period is the only time you can make changes to your existing plan. Outside of this period, you can only enroll during specific times like during your Initial Enrollment Period or a Special Enrollment Period. If you sign up for a plan during one of the alternative Enrollment periods, the new plan will typically come into effect the month after you sign up.

Initial Enrollment Period (IEP) – This enrollment period is for citizens newly eligible for the Medicare program. The IEP lasts for seven months, starting three months before your 65th birthday and ending three months after. This is when you can enroll in Original Medicare or any other Medicare plan.

Eastside El Paso TX Medicare Open Enrollment

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Special Enrollment Period (SEP) – This enrollment period allows you to join, switch, or drop your Medicare plan when certain events happen in your life. These events can include moving or losing other insurance coverage. The rules about when you can make changes and the type of changes you can make to the plan depend on the SEP.

The Various Parts of Medicare Insurance Plans

Medicare has four parts, aptly named Part A, Part B, Part C, and Part D. In a nutshell, Part A covers hospital insurance, Part B covers medical insurance, and Part D covers prescription drugs. On the other hand, Part C is a little different from the other three and is an option for receiving your benefits through a private health plan.

You could get Parts A and B (Original Medicare) without paying a premium if you or your spouse worked and paid Medicare taxes for at least ten years. If you choose to enroll in Part C or Part D, you’ll have to pay a monthly premium. Part C and D plans are offered by private insurance companies that contract with or are approved by CMS, like Golden Plan Choice.

If you’re interested but unsure about which option is the best choice for you, contact Golden Plan Choice today. Our team of agents can help prepare you for the next Eastside El Paso, TX Medicare Open Enrollment¬†so that you aren’t caught off guard.

Part C = Medicare Advantage

Medicare Part C is widely known as “Medicare Advantage.” As part of the agreement with the CMS, private insurance companies must ensure that every Medicare Advantage plan offers at least the same benefits as Original Medicare. However, most of them also provide several additional benefits that Original Medicare doesn’t offer. These include routine dental, vision, and prescription drug coverage.

You can enroll in a Medicare Advantage plan during the annual Open Enrollment Period or General Enrollment Period. The General Enrollment period is different from the Open Enrollment period. This period is usually for those who missed the chance to sign up for Original Medicare during their IEP or those who want to make changes to their Medicare Advantage or Part D plans.

Eastside El Paso TX Medicare Open Enrollment

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The General Enrollment period runs from January 1 to March 31. If you enroll for your Medicare benefits during this period, your coverage won’t start until July 1.

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Health coverage is important, and its importance continues to increase as you grow older. That’s why the government has a health insurance program that helps out our senior citizens. The Medicare program offers health plans for people older than 65 to get the health coverage they need.

Call Golden Plan Choice to learn about the process of enrolling in Medicare before the time comes. Or visit our location to learn more about how we can help you find or manage the health care plan that best suits you. The Golden Plan Choice team is always here to help, whether you need a plan or want some advice. Together, we can help you get through the Eastside El Paso, TX Medicare Open Enrollment so that you can get the health coverage you need.

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