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Medigap Plans Protect Your Health | Eastside El Paso, TX

Eastside El Paso, TX Medigap plans

Figuring out which medical coverage is right for you can be a complex process.

Folks who rely on Medicare for insurance may not realize how beneficial Eastside El Paso, TX Medigap plans can be. Because of the nature of Medicare’s different “parts,” there are many situations where your medical expenses may not entirely be covered. This can burden you with massive debt if you aren’t prepared for these uncovered charges. These situations can be avoided when you work with Golden Plan Choice to find suitable Eastside El Paso, TX Medigap plans.

We’ve served Texans since 2006 and use our health insurance expertise to find the most affordable and comprehensive healthcare plans for our clients. Since we are independent brokers, we won’t force you into working with a company you don’t trust or choosing a program that doesn’t seem right. We’ll work with you until we find a plan that gives you exactly what you need.

Our dedicated staff is available to answer all of your questions whenever you need us. We also offer no-cost consultations so you can work with a member of our insurance specialists team one-on-one. Visit our Eastside El Paso location today, or feel free to visit any of our other Texas locations. We can discuss your Medicare plan and help you find supplemental plans to cover the gaps in your insurance.

How Golden Plan Choice Can Help You

At Golden Plan Choice, we want to eliminate the headache and confusion of choosing a suitable healthcare plan. Our health insurance experts are here to teach you about the different kinds of plans available. Once you’re armed with greater knowledge of the healthcare market, you can feel more comfortable and secure choosing a plan for you or your family.

The financial aspects of health insurance coverage can also be a bit overwhelming. We want our customers to find a plan with affordable premiums that also covers any services they might need in the future. Golden Plan Choice makes it easy for our clients to compare several plans to find the one that suits them best.

Once you’ve found a plan you like, we can help you enroll in it! Golden Plan Choice makes it easy to track your application so you can be aware of your approval status. After your coverage starts, we’ll also send you alerts about your plan to keep you informed. Call us today to get started.

Eastside El Paso, TX Medigap plans

You may benefit from Eastside El Paso, TX Medigap plans alongside your standard Medicare.

What are “Gaps” in Medicare Coverage?

If you are an American citizen aged 65 or older, you most likely qualify for Medicare. However, there are several different parts to Medicare coverage that make it different from standard healthcare insurance. Because these parts cover different kinds of services, such as prescriptions and preventative treatments, some folks may not know which parts are essential to their needs.

This also means that you may not know where there are “gaps” in your plan that can leave you uncovered during situations. Your particular Medicare plan may not fully pay for certain medications you need. Depending on your specific plan and the prescription cost, your Medicare Part D plan may only pay for part of it.

Another scenario where Medicare may not fully cover your charges is during an extended hospital stay. Part A, your Hospital Insurance, is meant to cover inpatient hospital stays. However, depending on how long you need to be hospitalized, your coverage may “run out” before you are released from your stay. This can leave you with excruciatingly large bills that you didn’t expect.

The Benefits of Eastside El Paso, TX Medigap Plans

Don’t panic if you realize you have gaps in your coverage. Instead, contact us at Golden Plan Choice to discuss your options. We can help you find supplemental plans to fill in the gaps of standard Medicare insurance and ensure you never pay huge medical expenses out of pocket.

You may already qualify for Medicare Supplement, or “Medigap”, coverage if you are already on an Original Medicare plan. You can use Eastside El Paso, TX Medigap plans to pay for any costs not covered by your Original Medicare. This includes the remaining cost of medications that aren’t fully paid for or emergency hospital stays that last longer than you expected.

Medigap plans can potentially save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars that you would have been otherwise required to pay with only Medicare supporting you. Each Medicare plan handles deductibles and coinsurance differently, so consult the experts at Golden Plan Choice to find out how your existing healthcare coverage manages your bills. Don’t get stuck with an unexpected charge to your finances – let us help you figure out your current insurance plan or find a new health plan that better suits you.

Eastside El Paso, TX Medigap plans

Feel more secure knowing that your insurance will cover your health expenses.

Extra Benefits from Medigap Plans

Medicare Supplement plans also carry extra benefits you may be unaware of, such as coverage for international travel. If you travel outside the U.S., you can feel safer with the help of a Medigap plan, knowing that your care will be covered, no matter where you are. In the event of an unexpected accident or incident, your emergency care will be covered if you seek care no longer than 60 days after your arrival.

Customers who continue to pay their regular premiums should also know they will never be dropped from their plans for any reason. All Medicare Supplement coverage is guaranteed renewable, meaning that insurance companies cannot drop you, even if you have several health conditions. As long as you pay your bills on time, you’re guaranteed to keep your coverage.

Choose Golden Plan Choice for Peace of Mind

Our goal is to keep our clients informed regarding the changing landscape of American healthcare. We constantly research the health insurance market and applicable legislation to help clients figure out the kind of plans they need to stay healthy and protected. Let us take the mystery out of health insurance. Contact Golden Plan Choice today to discuss Eastside El Paso, TX Medigap plans.

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