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Incredible, Cheap Medicare Plans | Eastside El Paso, TX

Eastside El Paso TX medicare plans

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Eastside El Paso, TX Medicare plans are just around the corner when you choose Golden Plan Choice! Golden Plan Choice can help you get the health insurance that is right for you and your family. We have more than 15 years of experience in navigating the healthcare marketplace and finding you health insurance plans that won’t break the bank.

We provide key information about all kinds of Medicare plans, as well as medical insurance, life, family, and group insurance. We work with clients of all ages and from all walks of life, so don’t hesitate to call us today.

We have four locations in Texas, including Eastside El Paso, Texas, proudly serving our local communities for nearly two decades. You won’t be sorry when you choose Golden Plan Choice to get your Eastside El Paso, TX Medicare plans.

Discover Great Eastside El Paso, TX Medicare Plans

Health insurance is one of the smartest financial investments you can make. As we all know, life is unpredictable and you or your loved one could face an unplanned and unexpected accident, illness, or injury, landing one in the emergency room. When that happens, the last thing you’d want yourself or your family to worry about is financing.

With the rising costs of medical treatments, surgeries, and prescription drugs, health insurance is often the only way to pay for the care you need. In fine, paying a monthly premium will cost you much less than paying for needed medical treatment out-of-pocket. Moreover, most insurance plans come with free preventative care, so you get more bang for your bang.

Unfortunately, health insurance can still be expensive and inaccessible to many. Things have greatly improved with the advent of the Affordable Care Act, an alternative for people under 65.

Passed in 2009, the ACA has lowered health insurance costs across board. Plus, insurers can no longer deny people with existing conditions coverage. The benefits of the act has been enormous, with more than 16 million Americans gaining health insurance. In addition, many young adults can now stay on their parents’ medical insurance plans until they’re 26.

With the growing complexity of the healthcare marketplace, however, it’s good to have someone on your corner. Golden Plan Choice knows the ins and outs of health care and the various health plans available. Moreover, we specialize in Medicare and thus can help you choose the Medicare plans right for you. Everyone’s situation is different, and so will your health plan.

Eastside El Paso TX medicare plans

Golden Plan Choice is here for you to help you get the Medicare plans you deserve.

Learn More About the Medicare Plans Available

Medicare is a federal health insurance program designed for people over the age of 65. Younger people can qualify provided that they meet certain criteria, such as being diagnosed with End-Stage Renal Disease.

If you or your spouse receives benefits from the SSA (Social Security Administration), you’ll be automatically enrolled in the program once you turn 65. You’ll receive sign-up instructions in the mail three months prior to your 65th birthday.

There are three parts to Medicare: Medicare Parts A, B, and D. Part A, known as Hospital Insurance, covers in-patient stay, hospice care, and care in a skilled nursing facility. Part A also covers some home health care services.

Medicare Part B, also known as Medical Insurance, covers outpatient care and services provided by doctors. In addition, it covers the cost of medical supplies and preventative services.

Lastly, Part D is prescription drug coverage. Depending on your plan, Part D may cover only some part of the cost. However, it does cover shots or vaccines recommended by your healthcare professional.

A great benefit of Medicare is that some people can qualify to pay little to no monthly premiums at all for Part A. This is what is called premium-free Part A.

Bundled Plans

There are currently three bundled Medicare plans: Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Supplement. Original Medicare includes Parts A and B, with Part D as an option. Every Medicare plan must include all the services of Part A and B; however, rules and restrictions can still vary from plan to plan.

Medicare Advantage (also known as Medicare Part C) covers not only Part A, B, and typically D, but also routine dental and vision check-ups. In addition, Medicare Part C includes hearing care coverage, including hearing aids. Preventative care such as gym memberships and wellness programs are also included, as well as home modification programs. To qualify for Medicare Advantage, you must be over 65 years old and receive Social Security benefits, either with a disability or not.

Lastly, Medicare Supplement, also known as “medigap” insurance, serves to cover all the gaps of Original Medicare. With Medicare Supplement you can get coverage outside of the country when you travel abroad, provided that you don’t wait longer than 60 days. Medicare Supplement is also a guaranteed renewable, which means your insurance company will be unable to drop you so long as you pay your premiums.

Eastside El Paso TX medicare plans

Learn more about Medicare plans before the open enrollment period comes around.

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With the rising costs of prescription drugs, high monthly premiums, and medical treatment, it can be difficult to find an affordable health insurance plan that fulfills your needs. Still, health insurance has tons of benefits, and it’s still the better option that having to pay out-of-pocket for medical expenses and urgent care. What do you do? What options are available to you?

With Golden Plan Choice, however, you will never have to worry about which health insurance plan can get you the medical care you need without bankrupting you. Golden Plan Choice can give you the information you need in terms you can understand, free from legal and medical jargon. We are passionate about working with you to devise a plan that can get you the most coverage.

So don’t wait and discover great Medicare plans with Golden Plan Choice! With us, choosing affordable Eastside El Paso, TX Medicare plans is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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