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Are you considering joining a professional team of healthcare agents to take your career to the next level? If so, Golden Plan Choice is the healthcare agency for you! We have brought Texans vital healthcare services for years, helping them save money and giving them peace of mind through our unique services. We are committed to each customer we have, and we look to treat everyone we come into contact with like family.When you become an agent today, you can expect the same love and support we give our customers. We don’t just look at you as a number here at Golden Plan Choice. In fact, we help devise a detailed strategy for you to advance your career when you join us. We will assist you in expanding your healthcare portfolio in every way we can to help you sell yourself to customers.

Through years of experience in the healthcare industry, we have gained incredible knowledge of how to get customers the best rate possible. When you become one of our agents, you will have access to these amazing resources. We will train you to help grow your clientele and always have a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Why Choose Golden Plan Choice?

We will help set you up with a customized business plan. With your help, we will devise a plan that best meets your needs and help you figure out how to put this plan into action. This will give you a leg up on the competition and help you grow your business fast!

Amazing Training

In-Person Presentations and Seminars

Among the fantastic resources, you can take advantage of are our in-person presentations and seminars. These seminars will explain precisely what we do and show you how to become a great healthcare agent step by step.

Gain A Competitive Advantage

Gain A Competitive Advantage

When you join our fantastic team of agents, we will give you the tools to have a leg up on the competition. Among the exciting resources we have is our in-depth market analysis. When you join our team, you will access insider information that only court experts can obtain. This information will help you navigate market trends and devise plans that no other agency can come close to.

Amazing Training

Amazing Training

You will be thoroughly trained here at Golden Plan Choice. We won’t just throw you into the fire when you choose us. Instead, we will help give you a solid foundation of all the skills and knowledge needed to be a great healthcare agent. Our hands-on training will show you exactly how to navigate the insurance market and find the best prices for your customers.

All Relevant Certifications.

All Relevant Certifications

We provide excellent assistance if you don’t have the necessary certifications to sell health insurance. We know that paying for lots of certifications can add up over time. Therefore, we have devised unique assistance plans to help you save money. 

Among these assistance plans is our AHIP reimbursement. An AHIP certification is required to sell Medicare services to customers. These certifications can become expensive and leave you in quite a hole financially. Therefore, if you need assistance in paying for these certifications, we offer reimbursement plans just for you!

You Will Become An Expert In These Plans

Vision and Dental

We offer many vision and dental coverage plans here at Golden Plan Choice. Perhaps the most common type of insurance plan is dental insurance. Literally, everyone has teeth. Therefore, these plans are guaranteed to appeal to most people who care about their mouth’s health. Also, we will help you expand your insurance portfolio with our vision plans. Vision and dental may be some of the most expensive out-of-pocket costs Americans pay for due to insurance plans not covering these issues.

Vision and Dental
Masterclass GPC

Group Insurance

We will give you all the tools needed to have extensive knowledge of group insurance. You will learn the ins and outs of selling this type of coverage to employers and helping them protect their employees.

Medicare Plans

A large bulk of what we do here at Golden Plan Choice is Medicare services. We are experts in all things Medicare, and when you join our team, you will be one too! Medicare is a federal program mostly for people over the age of 65 years old and others with specific ailments and conditions. We will train you how to put older people’s fears to bed when you become an agent and help them find the right Medicare plan for them.

Vision and Dental
Masterclass GPC

Life Insurance

Life insurance can be one of the trickiest services to discuss with customers. Often, these customers are at the end of their lives and are looking for peace of mind through these plans to cover their family when they eventually pass. You will be given the tools and knowledge needed to give these older customers peace of mind when finding them coverage.

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If you have any questions or concerns about joining our fantastic team of agents, give us a call today! You can reach us at (877) 556-4025. Our Laredo office is open Monday- Friday from 9 am to 5 pm, so you can swing by if you’d rather talk to us face to face. Just remember to wear your ask when you come by, and we will be glad to visit with you!