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Astounding Medigap Insurance | Eastside El Paso, TX

At Golden Plan Choice, discover the most astounding Eastside El Paso TX medigap insurance!

Golden Plan Choice offers all Medicare plans, as well as medigap supplemental insurance, for working-class Americans in need of affordable health care. Get financial security and peace of mind by enrolling through us, Golden Plan Choice!

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Eastside El Paso TX medigap

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Who We Are

Golden Plan Choice is a health insurance agency with years of experience in insurance markets. We are a Texan-based health care company, proudly serving our Texan communities for over 15 years. We have offices scattered from Laredo to Houston.

Unlike most big corporations, we make you — yes, you — our top priority. We treat you like family because we understand how much you care for your own. Dealing with healthcare plans and insurance can be stressful. That’s where we can help.

Our experts are on hand to make sure you get the coverage you need. We are committed to helping working-class Americans get the healthcare plan that is right for them. For your Eastside El Paso TX medigap insurance, you can trust Golden Plan Choice to give you that choice.

Advantages to Health Insurance

Health insurance is one of the best, smartest financial investments you can make. It safeguards your financial assets and protects your family’s finances. When a true medical emergency or unexpected illness occurs, you can rest assured that the costs of care and other services will be covered by your insurance.

When emergencies do happen, the last thing you’d want to worry about is the stress of dealing with bills and expenses. Without health insurance, you would need to pay a lot of those bills and expenses out of pocket. It is recommended that you avoid the stress and enroll in some kind of plan.

Moreover, health insurance is costly, and getting costly, in the U.S. Fortunately, the situation has greatly improved. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, the cost for health insurance has lowered. Millions of people are now covered who hadn’t been previously. People with pre-existing conditions can no longer be denied health care coverage on those grounds.

Still, gaps and inequalities persist. There are tons of health insurance plans and coverage options, and hundreds of insurance companies.

Moreover, not everyone knows what they need to know regarding coverage and medical expenses. It can be tough to separate the chaff from the wheat. It can be difficult, if not downright impossible, to make informed decisions when you lack accurate information.

Fortunately, Golden Plan Choice is here to help you choose a health plan that fits. We understand that all individuals and their families are different, and so will your plan. Regardless of your health situation, Golden Plan Choice will be there every step of the way to find a plan that is right for you. We hope you can choose Golden Plan Choice for your health care needs.

What We Offer

Golden Plan Choice offers a variety of health care plans and services. Depending on your age, area of employment, your family size, and health situation, you may be eligible for some or all of these plans.

We offer individual and family insurance; federal health insurance programs like Medicare; and additional health services like life insurance, group insurance, final expense or funeral insurance, and dental and vision insurance.

Eastside El Paso TX medigap

Find an affordable plan that fits your budget by calling Golden Plan Choice.


If you are over 65, you may be eligible for Medicare. Medicare is a federal health insurance program designed for seniors (although younger people can be eligible too if they meet certain criteria). Regardless, you are automatically enrolled in the plan once you turn 65. Three months before your 65th birthday, you will receive a sign-up notification through the mail.

Medicare is split into Part A, Part B, and Part D. Part A covers inpatient hospital stay, hospice care, and some home health care services. It is also called Hospital Insurance. Most people with Part A don’t have have to pay a monthly premium. However, this is only if you or your spouse paid Medicare taxes while working for a specific time.

Part B covers medical insurance, particularly outpatient care, preventive services, medical services, and other services provided by doctors.

Part D offers prescription drug coverage, as well as shots and vaccines recommended by your healthcare professional. These can get expensive quickly. Depending on the drug and the type of plan you have, the entirety of the cost may not be covered.

There are different types of Medicare plans available. These are called Original Medicare, Medicare Advantage, and Medicare Supplement (also called medigap).

Every Medicare plan must provide the services of Part A and Part B. This is also called Original Medicare. Part D is usually offered as an option through an additional but separate plan. Medicare Advantage and other supplements offer to cover the services Original Medicare don’t.

Medicare Supplement

If you’re already on a Medicare plan, you may be eligible for Medicare Supplement. This plan is designed to cover the things Original Medicare won’t cover. A Medicare Supplement plan comes with great benefits.

A Medicare Supplement plan will help you save money on copayments and coinsurance. Any plan is a guaranteed renewable, which means you can’t get removed from your plan for any reason. So long as you pay your monthly premiums, insurance companies are unable to remove you from the plan. These plans will also provide you coverage when you travel abroad.

One of the best supplemental plans for Medicare is Medicare Advantage.

Eastside El Paso TX medigap

Golden Plan Choice is here for you to help you get the medical care you deserve.

Medicare Advantage

Medicare Advantage is a bundled plan, otherwise known as Part C. Under Medicare Advantage, you can get prescription drug coverage and routine dental and vision check-ups. You can also get preventive services like fitness programs and gym memberships.

Best of all, if you need mobility assistance, Medicare Advantage covers home modification. You can get grab bars for your bathroom, non-emergency transportation, and meal deliveries.

People under 65 with disabilities can qualify for Medicare Advantage, as well as anyone who has End-Stage Renal Disease or ESRD. Just make sure you live in an area covered by the plan and you’re good to go.

Eastside El Paso TX medigap

No matter your financial situation or health care needs, Golden Choice Plan is a health insurance company you can trust. Unlike most insurance companies, we are small, local, and acutely attuned to your needs. We are independent brokers, so we aren’t beholden to just one agency. You can count on us to find the coverage right for you.

So what are you waiting for? Enroll now to get your Eastside El Paso TX medigap insurance!

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